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Business Consultancy

Achieving your business objectives has never been more crucial than today in order to thrive amid all the challenges facing companies. Management Guru is your one-stop business training and consulting company providing cutting-edge services and high-quality solutions for different facets of corporate operation.

As a leading provider of business consulting services to new and established companies throughout Surat and nearby cities, our focus is in helping organizations to take a strategic approach to securing the knowledgeable resources required to accomplish their business objectives.

Our specialized business consulting solution helps our client-partners meet their corporate objectives, complete their high-level strategic projects, and resolve other intricate and complex business-related issues.


Organizational Assessment & Review

We will assign a business consultant who will conduct an objective overview and assessment of your organization to identify areas of general concern that may require more in-depth analysis and resolution. As regards the business review service, our consultants may participate in monthly management meeting, executive one-on-one coaching, and the likes.

The Change Agent

When your organization is considering to undertake a substantial reorganization, relocation, merger, acquisition, and other organizational changes, we can assist in facilitating the change process while keeping ownership aware of the progress, problems, and action plans.

Strategy & Business Planning

We can help you plan and facilitate your organization’s annual process of assessing the past and future of your business. Starting with the creation of your company’s specific process to assess where your business stands and where you wishes to go in a specific period of time. The process also involves diagnostic work, which includes the conduct of a SWOT analysis to determine Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. This will be followed by the development of strategies, roadmap, operational planning and budgeting to tie in the overall plan for growth, goals for the management and human resources.


At Management Guru, we offer business consulting services, which encompass a number of program to address common business concerns, such as the following:

  • Small business consulting
  • Business performance management
  • Business process improvement
  • Operational planning
  • Financial analysis and planning

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Strategic analysis
  • Annual strategy and business planning
  • Cost analysis and improvement
  • Cash flow improvement
  • Crisis intervention


Our approach involves developing talent, culture and leadership program for our client, making sure the outcome is one of a kind. Our initiatives are tailored to your specific needs to allow your organization to:

Step - 1

Before we begin our business consulting engagement, we conduct a client interview with the business owner or enterprise decision-maker. The goal is to determine the business requirements and to define the scope of the services to be delivered.

Step - 2

This follows after the client interview process to ensure that all key areas of the work will be covered. The proposal will include objectives to be accomplished and what results are expected to be delivered by Management Guru.

Step - 3

We will assign a business consultant who will conduct an objective overview and assessment of your organization to identify areas of general concern that may require more in-depth analysis and resolution.

Step - 4

Engage a dynamic process of building and extending the required change in the organization at any level. So, that optimal results could be obtained in allotted time.

Step - 5

Milestone achievement / Periodical assessment of the organization growth road-map along with the feedback for improvisation.




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